Jovic explained Zidane's mistake


After an incredible season in Frankfurt, Luka Jovic caught the eye of Real Madrid.  The Blancos bought him the following season.  But Jovic, who was seen in Frankfurt, was never seen again in Real.

Jovic didn't get a chance to prove himself because of Real Madrid coach Zidane's extra Benzema reliance.  In the few matches he got a chance, he also felt like a player without a team.

Maybe it's time to get his answer.  Jovic went on loan again in Frankfurt for 6 months without getting a chance at Real.  And after going there, he got the goal in the first match.

He was substituted in the 61st minute of the match against Salak today.  He scored 10 minutes into the game to give Frankfurt the lead in a 1-1 draw.