Liverpool forgot to score a goal


Liverpool, the reigning champions of the English Premier League, made a bad start to the current season.  However, after overcoming the initial push, he stood on his knees in a great way and came to the top of the points table.

But all of a sudden their rhythm falls again and that fall could bring them down now out of the six on the list.  And the main reason behind this is the goallessness of the forwards.

Liverpool have not won in any of their last five matches in the English Premier League.  Of these five matches, three have been drawn and two have been lost.  The Liverpool forwards have not seen a goal in the last four of these five matches.

They last scored against West Brom.  He then faced Newcastle, Southampton, Manchester United and Burnley but failed to score.  Of these four teams, Southampton and Burnley have lost.  Meanwhile, Burnley lost again on Liverpool soil.