Mbappe is not interested in a new deal


Kiliyan Mbappe's contract with PSG will expire in June 2022.  However, PSG does not want to lose this star.  Young in age, one of the best stars in the world today - so the club wants to keep him to themselves.

But if you want PSG, you don't have to, you have to ask whoever you want to keep.  But the one who wants to keep is the one who doesn't want to stay in Mbappe.

The contract expires in June 2022.  When the current season is over, there will be only one season left.  So if Mbappe doesn't make a deal, he will have to sell.  That's what Mbappe wants.

Mbappe knows Real Madrid are desperate to buy him.  Both Zidane and Perez want him.  And Mbappe also wants to play for Real Madrid.