Messi could be banned for two or four matches


Lionel Messi saw a red card for the first time in his Barcelona career.  He received the penalty in extra time in the 3–2 loss to Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup final.

He has played more than 650 matches for the Catalans.

 Just moments before the end of the final, Messi received a red card for his aggressive behavior.

After passing the ball at the very end of the match, Messi's path was blocked by Bilbao's Asiar Vialibre.  Desperate, Messi immediately behaved violently.

Referee Gill Manzano did not notice the incident at first.  But after watching the video review, Messi was shown a red card.  Messi saw a red card for Barcelona for the first time after 653 matches.

The committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation will sit in the Super Copa this week to decide what punishment can be given to the Barcelona captain.

Messi could be banned for a maximum of four matches, the media reported.  And it is almost certain that Bar ৩a will not get the 33-year-old forward in two matches.  However, the punishment can be doubled, depending on how the Super Cooper Committee views his crime.  The ban will apply to La Liga and Copa del Rey matches.