Messi cries out to Barcelona for Champions Bilbao


Atletico Bilbao reached the final after losing to Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup.  The team lost to another giant Barcelona in the final and won the title.

Bilbao beat Barcelona 3-2 in a breathtaking Spanish Super Cup final last night to win the title.

Messi was not in the semis.  But Barca got Messi in the final.  Although the best star returned to the team, it did not benefit the team.  Messi saw the rate of the team on the opposite field.

Griezmann scored in the 40th minute of the match to give Barcelona the lead.  However, Bilbao star Oscar Marcos paid for the goal 2 minutes later.

 Griezmann scored again in the 6th minute after the break to give Barcelona the lead.  They hold the lead of this goal for 90 minutes.  But at the last minute, Bilbao equalized by scoring an Asian goal.

 After a 2-2 draw at the scheduled time, the game was played in extra time.  Inaki Williams scored in the third minute of extra time to give Bilbao the lead.  And that is what determines the fate of the match.