The fight is frozen before the fight.


Barcelona and PSG will face in the second round match of the UEFA Champions League.  Fans from all over the world are eager to watch this fight between two heavyweight teams from Europe.

But before the fight between them, it seems that the fight of words has frozen.  That, of course, centers on Messi.

Barcelona contract with Lionel Messi will end next June.  Then Messi will be free and can go to any club of his choice.

PSG is ahead in the race to take Messi again.  In recent times, the comments of PSG players, coaches and sporting directors about Messi have not been well received by Barcelona.

PSG's sporting director Leonardo also said they were monitoring Messi's situation and would try to buy him if possible.  The last two Argentine stars of PSG, Paredes and De Maria also talked about Messi.