Casmiro is the best defensive midfielder in the world


Even when Rodrigo Goyes did not come to Real Madrid, he could only watch Casmiro's game on TV.  The next chance to play with Casmiro.

Seeing that on TV, I realized how terrible and great Casmiro is.  But when he arrived at Real Madrid and saw Casmiro in front of him, he realized that what he had known before was wrong.  Because, Casmiro is much better than he thought.

This is how Brazil and Real star Rodrigo Goyes described Casmiro in a recent interview with FIFA.  He said

Casmiro Phenomenon.  She helped me a lot.  He is a very good man.  I saw him on TV and thought he was a great player.  But after coming here, it seems that he is much better than I thought.  Without a doubt he is currently the best defensive midfielder in the world.