Hazard will be the best player in the Euro


The UEFA Euro 2020 competition has been postponed due to the corona virus.  It will be held in 2021.  Hazard will be the best player in this tournament, said Belgium coach Roberto Martinez.

The Belgian star Hazard has been suffering from one injury after another after coming to Real Madrid from Chelsea.  The situation is such that Hazard is spending more time out of the match than in the match.

He came back from injury after a long absence a few days ago and after playing for just one match, he got injured again.  And the injury was such that if he had been operated on again, his career would have been in jeopardy.  But the rest of his season was probably over.

"Hazard will be the best player in the Euros," said Martinez.  He still has a lot to give and the euro still has a lot of time left.