Juventus lost to the 16th team


Juventus seem to be dreaming of winning the Italian Serie A this season.  Benbento has already beaten Juventus, seven points behind Inter Milan, at the top.  The team at number 16 in the points table lost to Juventus today.

In their home match, the Juventus stars set the stage for the attack.  They had 21 attacks with 64% possession of the ball in the match, of which 6 were on-target shots.

But the rules left, the team did not save the last attack.  Adelfo Zeich put Benabento ahead in the 69th minute of the reverse match.  The team was able to take that one shot in the match.  And that is the bet.

As a result of this rate, Juventus has three with 55 points in 26 matches.  Inter collected 85 points in the equal match.