PSG Most Important Player Neymar: Veratti


The current PSG has important players like Killian Mbappe, Marquinhos, Navas, De Maria.  However, the team's star Veratti has commented that Neymar is the most important player in this team of PSG.

Neymar Jr. came to PSG from Barcelona in 2016.  PSG bought him for 222 million euros.  But after coming to PSG, his performance and injury are going on equally.

However, there is no doubt about Neymar's qualifications.  “I still see him as very strong,” he said.  He is Neymar.  Even if he is out of the field for 3, 4, 5 weeks, he is still strong.  He always gives his best in practice.  He is a player who is technically always great and never loses anything.  She is back and we are very happy about that.  He is the most important player of PSG.