PSG wants Ronaldo if they don't get Messi


The club's contract with Spanish giants Barcelona star Lionel Messi expires in June.  Then Messi will be free and can go to any club at will.

PSG and Man City are still desperate to buy Messi.  Both clubs are keeping an eye on Messi's situation.

 However, Messi's departure from the club became a bit complicated after he was recently elected president of Laporte.  Because under this Laporte, Messi established himself as the best in the world between 2003 and 2010.  At the same time, he has promised to form a competitive team again.

So if he doesn't get Messi in the end, then PSG will go to Cristiano Ronaldo.  According to La Parisian, the PSG president has a great relationship with Ronaldo's agent.  There are also rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Juventus after failing this season.