The six-star summer transfer market could heat up


The corona virus has reined in the football transfer market.  The economic condition of the clubs has changed due to a corona virus.

 Several major transfers could be seen next summer amid the crisis caused by the corona virus.  But even in the midst of it, there is a wave of uncertainty.

 1.  Barcelona contract with Lionel Messi will end next June.  Then there is the uncertainty about whether Messi will stay at Barcelona. With Laporte as president, many see Messi in Barcelona.  But if you want to keep Messi, you must show the project in his mind.

 Again, the only clubs to buy Messi are Man City and PSG.  PSGO will be interested in buying Messi if Mbappe leaves the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also rumored to be leaving the club next season.  After repeatedly failing to win the Champions League at Juventus, the star could leave Juventus and move to a new place.

The Holand is also in the spotlight of Real Madrid.  The Borussia star is set to leave next season.  Maybe it's Real or any other club.