You know, you can't go: Messi is the new president


Juan Laporta has been elected as the new president of Spanish club Barcelona after winning the election.  But Laporta, who has been elected for the second time, is not getting the current time of Barcelona in his favor.  Because the team's biggest star and captain Lionel Messi's stay in Barcelona is still in the face of uncertainty.

But Laporta is optimistic he will be able to keep Messi at Barcelona.  In his first speech at the inauguration ceremony of the club, he requested Messi to stay in Barcelona.  Messi was present at the event.  Laporta has spoken openly about these issues in front of him.

"During my first term, we had some of the best players in the club's history," he said.  But then we succeeded because we were all stable.  The unity of Barcelona is the key.  I urge everyone to think about what they can do for Barcelona  I'm here to make a decision. "

Laporta added, "Like convincing Lionel Messi to stay at the club.  Messi is here now.  Taking advantage of this, I say, you know how much I love you and what we can do to keep you.  You know, you can't go, Leo. 

"We can't do anything alone," said Laporta, recalling the club's team music.  As our club anthem says, we are all strong together.  This is even more true in such a difficult time.  We know how to do it.

The new president hopes the club's condition will return to normal once the Corona epidemic is over.  There will be strong hands in leadership because everyone is capable with me.  You have to make it your life to keep the club alive.  We do as much as we can.