Romario wants Guardiola to coach Brazil


At this year's Copa America, Brazil has made a point.  That is their reliance on Neymar.  And the former Brazilian legend Romario is angry about this issue.

 The better Neymar played in this year's Copa America, the worse Brazil played.  Apart from Neymar, the rest of the attack was completely chaotic.  Brazil could not control the midfield in the final against Argentina.  And there was no player on the right wing.

 Adding to Brazil's poor performance in the Copa America this time is the loss against Argentina in the final, which Romario cannot accept in any way.  He criticized Brazil coach Tito.

"We are very close to a World Cup," Romario said.  It is difficult to appoint another coach at this time who may bring a new face to the team.

 “But it is also very difficult to take Tite there.  Tit's game is of no use.  He made the team completely dependent on Neymar. 

Romario also said that Guardiola is the best option for the Brazilian coach at the moment.  "Guardiola is the best option for a Brazilian coach," he said.

 "Do we have a great player?  Yes, of course.  But the way the national team is playing is terrible.  It's a lot like Neymar's match.  It all depends on him.  But now football is no longer a match or one can't do anything unless he has two or three more. ”